The baking book for the weird!

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This was by far the most amazing book I've read about food in a while. OMG, I couldn't put this down and really don't read this book if you are hungry it won't turn out so well. The titles of the recipes were perfect and fun and they really got a laugh out of my girls. We can't wait to sit down and make some of these as they sound very good and tasty. We couldn't stop laughing "Don't Try to Butter Me up, Shut your stupid Cake Hole and Stop Texting me you Crepe"

The full-page photos/illustrations made each recipe come to life and you really end up wishing you could just stick your hand into the picture and take it back out.

Each recipe gives detailed information about what to do and how to do it. You won't be lost at all and it's all very easy to follow.

This would be a great book to have fun alone, with family, or just a fun time baking with friends.