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Probably a gift book.

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This is probably best seen as a gift book for a college-age or early 20s young woman. A book that women can give to their girlfriends at a party or on birthdays or on the occasion of a break-up.

The book is highly produced and highly designed. Very editor-created and commercial.

Probably someone conservative would not enjoy this book. A heading for a section about cooking oils is "Lube Up. (AKA Know Your Oils)." Uh, blecch?

If you just want some dessert recipes, there are a few that look good. I would definitely want to try the "Figgy Cookies." And I also very much like the "Black Tea Shortbread." It's basically solid butter, sugar, and flour. Does that count as a shortbread? Anyway, it reminds me of Indian sweets that are incredible and are basically solid sugar and ghee. Maybe one could modify the recipe Indian-style and replace the ground tea with cardamom pods?

Anyway, the focus here is on being humorous, so your liking for the book will probably mostly depend on how much you like the humor.