Interesting Idea, Small Target Audience

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The cover of this book looked hilarious so I had to pick it up and check it out. It definitely delivered on yummy looking recipes that are fueled with clever word plays on revenge. As a regular cookbook, it was okay. It isn't really a cookbook I would have displayed in my kitchen and use a bunch. I'm not really the intended demographic, however. I do think it would make a fun gag gift for the right person. The target audience for the book seems like it would probably be rather small, but for someone who is looking for it, I think it delivers. It is definitely fueled with great break up food with anger filled names. I have actually never seen a cookbook like this before, so, while it would not be one that I would personally buy, I would give it a lot of points in originality. The pictures that are in there are nice and it looks like the food would be good as well.