Buy This Snarky and Fun (Baking) Book!!!

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I had the privilege of reading this entire book before it was completely edited through NetGalley. After going through the final editing process, I can tell you that it is even better than before! Below is my review pre-edit (which is why I have some insider knowledge on what is in this book)

I love every aspect of this cookbook! The recipes range from traditional to quirky (Cool Ranch Doritos, bacon, and day-old bagels are just some of the odder ingredients for dessert recipes). There are colorful pictures for each recipe which is vital for someone like me who bakes only once a year, if that. The directions are written clearly and sometimes have written notes included that tell you when to really pound the ex, I mean dough. I love the fonts and colors throughout the book and just looking at this book can brighten someone's day.

Honestly, I would read this book over and over again without baking anything. The sarcasm and puns in this book can help anyone who is getting over someone who wronged them and even get out some aggression throughout the baking process. I cannot wait for this to go on sale! I am buying multiple copies because we have all been wronged by someone in our lives. This is a funny (and delicious) way to deal with those less than stellar situations.