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Not Exactly What I Expected

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Marylee MacDonald told a difficult story, that of her life since age 15. The story, however, was not exactly what I expected it to be. At age 16, Marylee, who had been adopted herself, gave up her firstborn for adoption. Based on the opening chapters, I thought the story would be about her relationship with that child after she found him when he was an adult. Instead, it told the story of her life, leading up to that child's birth, and a bit after.

What Marylee went through at the home for unwed mothers seemed difficult at best, and I respect that she told that story. However, it was never quite clear to me what she loved about John (the child's father, who she went on to marry and was the father of her additional 4 children). He didn't seem to support her all that much, both when she was pregnant as a 15 year old and when she was pregnant later, and dropped out of Vasser.

The story was interesting, and it was a quick read. Just know what you're getting in to before opening the cover!