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I redeemed my saved points on a copy of this book. The author shares her story of being adopted and at the age of sixteen, giving her own son up for adoption. Even though there was no secret to the ending, I found myself riveted to this story. Having been adopted herself, Marylee MacDonald understands first hand what it is like to be adopted and is forced to make an impossible decision to give her own son up. Set in a time when abortion and birth control were not available and illegal, a sixteen year old with a single mom of her own could not care for a child of her own. She finds herself in a home for “wayward girls” until she delivers her son. I’m sad for Marylee MacDonald that she missed so many of her son’s years but glad she was able to eventually be connected with him. A story of incredible loss and grit, in her writings, Marylee MacDonald makes you feel like you are a witness to her story.