Beautiful Memoir

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Surrender is the memoir of Marylee MacDonald, and it details her adoption story - both as the child that grew up adopted and as the teen that surrendered her son for adoption. I was really invested in her story because she writes with such an honest and genuine voice. Through MacDonald's vulnerability, we can see how painful the adoption process can be for both the child and the mother. In addition to providing her own personal story, MacDonald also shares some really fascinating information on adoption stats in the United States during the 50s and 60s. I never realized that putting unwed mothers in group homes was actually a thing. It shocked and horrified me how unsupported those women must have felt. I was also rather irritated with the blatant sexism girls in MacDonald's situation faced. Men walked away super unscathed, but these unwed mothers really faced scrutiny from society. I applaud MacDonald for her bravery and for her voice. She wrote a beautiful memoir that I really appreciated.