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Heartbreaking Memoir

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Memoirs are not my particular forte, but as someone who has always been interested in stories of adoption, this one drew me in. Not only was the author herself adopted, but this is also the story of how she gave her own child up for adoption. Just reading this excerpt, I felt a trace of that longing and emptiness that both Marylee and her son went through. I look forward to learning the rest of the story.

The cover does not portray the story in the way I imagine. If I were to glance at this in a bookstore, I would imagine it were some kind of mystery/thriller. Upon picking it up and reading the bottom line of the title, I would think it was a memoir of someone who was kidnapped or ran away from home. If I were to imagine a cover for this based on the excerpt, it would be a fancy vintage-style crib, lit up with rays of sunlight, but empty.