Who Knew I was a Sci Fi fan?

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What happens when every person over the age of thirteen dies within a year?

This book covers such a cool premise, and the author does it in such a skillful way, you can't help but wonder what comes next! The first 1/6 of the book covers what the adults do with the information, but then the adults do ultimately die, and WHAT? you've got 7 year olds calling 13 year olds in government leadership positions for help. You've got anyone 8 years and up doing all the jobs from driving cars, to welding, to operating big manufacturing machines. It's just crazy, and it gets crazier, but in a believable way.

The only place I started to skim or lose interest was the highly technical sections on war weapons (yes, those are featured, too).

A very neat though experiment that piqued my interest and entertained me so much!

Who knew I was a semi-sci-fi fan?!