What a Lovely Romp

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Maybe it's the end of the world happening outside or my general mood, but I've needed a lot more romance and comedy in my life. This is one of great many examples of reprieve in this world. A little different from my usual read because I tend to focus on queer reads. Yet the balance between comedy and the lightness of the story, it was also nerve wracking and I couldn't put it down because it's a story full of secrets. The main character admits he's a nerd (and like he really is a nerdy-nerd) so when he meets a new girl, he lies. He lies! He tells her he's in a rock band to impress this girl plunging us into this nerve wracking tale of a super fake love song. Though I do admit, there were times where this story did feel hard to believe. It requires a lot from the reader to give up what they know about the world to give into the plot and characters. It's fun though, if you just let it.