The cover is so pretty

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I’m in love with cover. It’s so PRETTY. I’ve heard that David Yoon has really good books so that’s exciting. I think this would be a good book since it has something to do with a band. It kind of reminds me of Lane from Gilmore Girls since she was in a band. From the synopsis I’m really interested in what will go down in the book. I think I would like it since it has has a romance. I also think that it’s a cute and easy read from the synopsis which I really enjoy at times. I really like when the main character kind of lies and has to figure out what to do when the lies keep piling up and doesn’t know who a to tell and how to tell them. I really like when it gets that interesting. I think it would be a fun and enjoyable read since it has to do with a fake band. Overall I believe I would like it since it has a romance and it seems like it’s a fast and easy read. The cover is so pretty, it looks so cool.