So much to love!

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David Yoon is such a fantastic writer for contemporary romance books! He has such a clear voice that is appealing for its genuineness and humor!

This story follows nerdy Sunnie who tries to be someone he is not to win over the girl of his dreams, Cirrus. Throughout the funny and relatable ways in which Sunnie digs himself into a deeper hole, my affection for Sunnie deepened.

Beyond the main storyline of Sunnie’s deception and love story, there is a lot for readers to connect to in terms of thinking about self-acceptance/self-love, identity, and how people gets to know themselves better as they attempt to share to share who they are and want to be with someone else.

That’s the thing about David Yoon’s books—his characters are flawed, funny, relatable, and entirely lovable. I was rooting for him the entire way!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, satisfying read!