Loved it!!

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This book follows Sunny Dae as he reinvents himself into a rock god for a girl. I loved it. I know this trope has been used time and time again, but I really enjoyed reading David Yoon's interpretation of it! It was honestly adorable. There were times I had to stop reading because it was so cute. There were also times I had to stop reading because of secondhand embarrassment. But, both of these instances are great because they mean you're connected to the characters! Having a connection to the characters in a book is super important to me!

The writing style was amazing, the characters where incredibly developed and realistic, and the storyline was great. I honestly can't think of a flaw besides that it did take me a second to get into it. But once I did, I loved it. It was hilarious, sweet, and moving all at the same time. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who might be interested in it!