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I loved it!

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Super Fake Love Song is the story of Sunny, a high schooler who would rather spend time making cosplay weapons with his best friends Jamil and Milo than worry about being popular. When new girl Cirrus believes Sunny's rocker older brother's room is actually his, hijinks ensue to keep up the façade.

This book was just so much fun! I think most teens go through a phase of wishing they could be somebody else and watching Sunny become more confident in himself through the double life was such a delight. I really enjoyed Sunny, and his best friends Jamal and Milo. They stumble over words, mix up phrases, and unapologetically geek out in a way that feels authentic and real. I do think Cirrus and Gray both felt a little flat in some places, but that could also be because their characters were more guarded out of a sense of self preservation. Overall I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend!