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Frankly, I'm in LOVE with this book!

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When David Yoon came on the YA book scene with Frankly in Love, I was impressed with his writing style. Witty and fun and filled with characters that you want to spend time with IRL, Frankly in Love set the bar pretty high for Yoon's sophomore novel. Thankfully, Super Fake Love Song is another YA home run - and I think I even liked it better than its predecessor.

Super Fake Love Song features main character Sunny Dae - yes, he's named after favorable weather patterns - who is comfortable with his position as the school nerd until he meets Cirrus Soh. She's the new girl in town and Sunny is immediately smitten. He makes a split-second decision to say he is the front man of a rock band. To keep up his lie, he gets his best friends involved and The Immortals are born!

Even though Sunny is lying throughout the majority of the book, he's SO sweet and silly that I found myself rooting for him and his garage band to not only find love but find their sound/voices too. It's the characters that kept me reading because once again, Yoon created people that I wanted to hang out with.

I will read whatever David Yoon produces and look forward to expanding my group of fictional friends every time!

Thank you to Bookish First and the publisher for my copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.