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This book was very cute. It was a fun whimsical young adult read. Cute love story. I really enjoyed the main character and his friends. So much fun to read about them. Loved how they went along with the band fiasco because of of thier buddy. I wasn't in love with Cirrus's character as much though. The chapters were awesome and how they were labeled. I have read a book with a context in a long time. So that was a lot of fun. I'm excited to have my daughter who's twelve read this one now too. It was just a fun read of how things can be from a boys point of view in dating. I definitely enjoyed it a lot. Did I love it no. But definitely cute and I'd recommend it to people especially teens. Super fun. The concept of it was so good. I definitely cnt wit to get my hands on another David Yoon book now too. Can't wait to see how he writes not love stories or young adult.