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David Yoon Does It Again!

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Yoon has a way of roping the reader in right off the bat with his humor and the colloquial flow of his words. His characters always end up feeling like they could be your brother, sister, best friend - or all three rolled into one. The description of Super Fake Love Song felt exactly like that. Sunny and Cirrus feel relatable but in the kind of way that you place them on a pedestal and admire from afar, like I do with all of Yoon's characters in every one of his books! After coming off of my Frankly In Love high, this is the perfect segue to fill my need for more Yoon. The breezy and lighthearted plot of this book, weaved with the complexity of the human experience, makes it a perfect match for my 2021 TBR pile! This summary had me feeling excited and at the edge of my seat, knowing I'd immediately need a copy to read and sink my teeth into. I can't wait to check this one out!