Cute YA

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This cute YA novel was charming and sweet. I loved the group of male friends, and I kept thinking how lovely it was to see them share such open love and support for each other. I thought the premise was adorable, but a bit too tired. We've read this type of story before - how a teen changes their personality/appearance/beliefs in order to impress a love interest. It always ends the same way - blowing up in their face because DEEP SIGH you can't change who you truly are at the core (nor should you, this book adds). I think one criticism I have is with the female love interest. She was a bit of a stereotype - a manic pixie dream girl, and that troupe is so, so annoying to me. I would have loved to see her also reveal that she was not so perfect - that she had a nerdy or uncool side. I want to add that the cover for this novel is so very cool. Possibly one of my favorites so far!