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This book made me smile so much throughout it and by the end I just couldn't stop! Sunny and Cirrus are absolutely wonderful. I loved the humor that the author brought it - perfect combo of sarcasm and hilarity. The story itself moved very well too and by the end I was checking to see if it would be a continued series. Sunny was a fantastic protagonist and I loved getting to hear inside his head. There was a good high school feel to this YA book but not so drastic that I felt disconnected from it. The story goes into friendships, love, high school cliques, and family bonds. The premise of a boy starting a fake band to impress a girl he just met seemed silly at first but pretty soon I was wishing there was a Spotify playlist so I could actually hear the music. The entire Dae family made me happy and I wanted to hang out with them. This was my first book by David Yoon and now I want to read more.