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A Nerdy RomCom to Pick Up!

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Oh gosh, I absolutely sped through this!

Super Fake Love Song takes on a lot lighter and more romcom feel than Frankly in Love. (And when I say romcom, I do actually mean it.)

Even though there's this twisting feeling in your gut for the big reveal of Sunny's secret (as he fakes being in a rock band with his best friends based on a miscommunication ten minutes into when Sunny met the love interest Cirrus), Super Fake Love Song still has that joking, silly feeling that Yoon gives his characters' voices.

I mean, Sunny is a nerd nerd. A LARP, DIY role-play prop video-making nerd. He's got a very specific & unique voice, a bit cynical & a little bit reminiscent of Norris in The Field Guide to the North American Teenager (but less judgemental & not getting in the way of the story).

This story is very much a romance and a comedy and a story about friendship and love. Sunny gets new friends, strengthens bonds with his old friends, and really comes into himself over the course of the novel.

Unlike Frankly in Love which is definitely a little more serious and rooted in family pain, Super Fake Love Song touches these topics with a much gentler hand, secondary to the romance and deception.

I really enjoyed not only the lighter tone, but also how Sunny really manages to reconcile what he felt like his different personas were. Opposite of how Field Guide fell short for me, I think Super Fake Love Song managed to blur the lines of "nerd" and "jock" without it being like choosing one side or another.

This story is light and it might be a little bit nerve-wracking from the secrets, but it ties itself up nicely in a way that makes me feel relieved and joyful walking out of it. Definitely something I'd recommend, even if you didn't like Frankly in Love.