A Fun, Sweet, Happy Ending Story

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Super Fake Love Song is about this guy who lies in order to get a girl to like him. Of course, it's a bit more intricate than that. Sunny Dae is a nerd, and he doesn't think the super cool new girl from England could possibly like him. So he pretends that he is everything his brother Gray is: cool, in a bad, cool. Did I say that twice? It works for a while until like most things, it backfires horribly. Yet in the end, it still made me tear up and rush to find out the end.

Despite my slightly sarcastic summary, I did enjoy this book. This isn't surprising considering how much I adore David Yoon's book Frankly In Love. What was surprising to me however was the fact that for about half this book I really wasn't a fan. In fact, my biggest problem was that I found Sunny REALLY annoying. It didn't help that the first half's pacing felt really slow.

Yet praise writing gods because the pacing did get better, the story started getting really interesting, and I really enjoyed all the other characters! Plus, Sunny got more interesting too. And I'm a sucker for friendships and cute romances.

Is Super Fake Love Song as good as Frankly In Love? In my opinion, no. But it is good, and it's exactly what David Yoon wanted it to be. A fun, sweet, happy ending love story. And sometimes, that's just what we all need.