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Life Isn't Sunny for Sunny Dae

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Ruby High may be set in a wealthy community, but money does not guarantee happiness, and author David Yoon does a great job of describing high school angst for his latest outsider - Sunny Dae. For readers who loved David Yoon's YA novel Frankly In Love, be prepared to switch gears. Where Frank Li's parents worked their rear ends off to keep their small, inner city mart staffed at all hours each week, Sunny Dae's parents own a business management service. And it is profitable. Both parents drive the latest cars, the kind that are so new and expensive that they require lots of trips to the dealer to iron out the bugs. To top it off, self-proclaimed nerd protagonist Sunny attends Ruby High School, located in the planned community of Rancho Ruby, the place for the newly wealthy. Mr. and Mrs Dae belong to the country club.

Although Sunny's refrains from participating in LARP (live action role playing), he is still clearly a nerd who keeps a live action figurine in his locker. Buff football jock Gunner Schwinghammer knows a nerd when he sees one, and Sunny is his target as Yoon's YA novel opens.

I enjoyed Frankly in Love so much and was sure that I would as soon as I read the preview chapters for it. I don't have quite the same visceral reaction to Super Fake Love Song, so I will be interested to read the book and see how I feel at the end.