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Throughout Malla Nunn's Sugar Town Queens, readers discover a touching, poignant, and heartbreaking look into the life and struggles of a family in a shanty town in South Africa. There were many who did not adjust when Nelson Mandela declared everyone equal. Amandla, Lil Bit, and Goodness were among my favorite characters, as were Annalisa, Mayme, Mrs M, and the all-seeing Blind Auntie. My tears were shed more than once as a result of Sugar Town Queens. It’s also a superb book whIn my opinion, it is also a fantastic book, which I am not hesitant to recommend highly. Her mother and Amanda were very different. Amanda was brown, while Analiza was white. Until very recently, she knew her father was Zulu. Amandla's 15-year-old life would crumble under the weight of what lay ahead for her and her mother along with Amandla's friends, Lil Bit and Goodness. In the course of her exploration, she would learn more about true evil, racism and the horrors of the world than she ever imagined. But she would also come across love and hope made real by family. How will Amandla and Annalisa's relationship pan out?