Story About Family

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I really enjoyed this story and especially liked the glimpse into another culture. Amandla has no idea the secrets her mother has been hiding but a series of events that starts on her birthday leads her on a unique adventure that leads her into discovering more about her family and where her mother came from. Amandla and her mother live in a poor neighborhood called Sugar Town, but Amandla discovers her mother didn’t always live there. Amandla’s mother doesn’t really fit in as she is white and the neighborhood is mostly black. Amandla never met her father, but her mother is convinced if they do the right things he will return to them. Amandla’s mother struggles with her memory and sometimes acts a little oddly although Amandla doesn’t know why. After finding a clue in her mother’s purse Amandla and her friends Lil Bit and Goodness track down her mother’s secret and find her mother’s family. I do wish Lil Bit and Goodness had been developed a little further, but overall I loved this family drama that really drew me in.