More than your typical YA story.

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Sugar Town Queens is one of my favorite reads so far, this year. It deals with racism, mental health, poverty and so many other things. Sometimes, I will read a YA novel and I can't relate since I'm an adult. Sugar Town Queens is a pretty heavy read. I really like Amandla and I think she is very mature for her age. She really had to grow up quick with her mom having mental health issues, but she does a really good job and and loves her mom so much. I really wasn't expecting this book to go in the direction it did. I thought it would be much more about her dad and what happened to him. I loved the friendship between Amandla, Lil Bit and Goodness. They really are the Sugar Town Queens and will forever have an incredible bond. It's kind of hard to give this review without giving spoilers but I really enjoyed this book and it touched me and gave me so many different emotions.