Fire from start to finish

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I do not have enough words to express how much I enjoyed reading this book. This story covers a lot of area in a very short amount of time, but does its so skillfully, beautifully, and without compromising the voice of the main character. I enjoyed reading the development Amandla's relationship with her mother, one which initially felt like a case of child endangerment, but actually reveals the loyalty and devotion of a mother's love while dealing with traumatic injuries and abuse. Through the eyes of Amandla, we gain a sense of turmoil and finally the acceptance felt by categorized as 'the other', both in race and economic constructs. She blossoms despite discovering hate and prejudice with in her biological family because she learns only she can evaluate her self worth. I really love how this book also tackles the struggles of opening one self up to the love and support of friends and community, it think it is an important validation of the made-family versus the one your born from. This will definitely be a book I reread again and again.