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Amandla lives with her mother in a small house in Sugar Town, South Africa. She is constantly dealing with not knowing her father and her biracial identity; her mother never can give her any full answers about her birth father. In fact, her mother does not seem to remember much but still has fantasies and visions about him coming back into their lives.

Of course, the women are the talk of Sugar Town.

This book is an exploration of identity and race, and what/how family can work to shape or alleviate those ideas. I loved the plot of this book and how quickly it moves once Amandla finds a trove of money and begins to believe that her mother has more secrets than not. I also loved how Amandla is a strong female central character who vows to figure out the secrets hiding in her own home and expose all of Sugar Town if it comes to that. We need more books set in other places that feature these strong women.