Not What I Was Expecting

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I haven't read Joan He before so when I heard all the hype I was excited to win this book. I was disappointed. I like the book, it was a solid read. But what I didn't feel was the genius that everyone says this woman is. The story itself was intriguing and I really did want to know where it was going next. What I couldn't connect with were any of the characters except perhaps Crow.

To me the title character was very meh. Nothing about her really drew me in nor did it excite me. She sang her own praises about how clever she was but I never really felt it in the book. To me she was more like a child trying to live in the adult world. In fact thats how I felt about most of the characters in the book. What I did really appreciate was this was a world in where it was normal for women to have power. In most books I've read it feels forced, or like we're being taught a lesson but in He's world it felt authentic and that I really appreciated. Overall it was a good book but please don't go in expecting anything spectacular.