Double crossing, family drama and war

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Zephyr is clawed her way up from a destitute life in an orphanage to an exalted position as a strategist.

In her role she is the brains behind an uprising, lead by Ren, against a false war leader, Miasma, who claims to serve the empire.

The lone regret she clings to is the long lost sister she feels she failed when their village was ransacked by invaders. Zephyr is sure her sister is dead, but she doesn’t really want to know.

When Miasma closes in on Ren’s badly outnumbered crew, Zephyr ways the odds and makes a decision that appears to be a defection. But really she’s working from within Miasma’s core group to help Ren.

Her first goal is to link the newly risen leader of the south, Cicada, with Ren. During this mission she finds her sister in a unexpected position. And she wants nothing to do with Zephyr.

Can she help Ren without blowing her cover? Can she reconnect with her sister? And what will she do with this new interest in the Crow, one of Miasma’s strategists?

This is listed as fantasy but there’s nothing overtly fantastical about the story for the most part. It feels like it could be historical fiction.

The ease with which Zephyr’s plans (mostly) work out make the story a little dry but it’s a fun read.