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This book takes place in the year 414 and there is chaos in the Xin Dyntasty. The nation is fractured and three warlordesses each have plans to take over. One strategist, Zepher, knows she is backing the underdog but has no intention of failing for her lordess. Zepher’s mission is challenged by relationships she gains or had with people in the other two camps, but she remains a zealot in her belief of her lordess, and goes to every extreme imaginable to assist her. I loved that so many of the powerful and key characters in this story were female, I honestly wasn’t expecting that given the time period that this book takes place in. I did think the book moved slowly at times and I groaned when I realized there was not enough book left to finish the story, but also I can’t wait for the sequel. I listened to the audiobook of this one and I didn’t start out liking the narrator a lot, but by the end I thought she was absolutely perfect. She gave not only the narrator but the other characters voice in such an effective way.