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Mental Gems To Make You Really Think

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I really like the fact that this book talks about keeping up a facade of happiness, pretending that everything is okay, and because of those pretenses missing out on true satisfaction in life. I think there are some very thought provoking passages in this book. They may not necessarily be 100% new or never-heard-before concepts, but they seem to be presented in a very sincere manner. The author mentions being isolated for 6 months with no material/bodily pleasures. I'm not sure how many people can afford to step aside from the rat race for that long to meditate, so STOP MISSING YOUR LIFE could be the next best thing. I'd definitely like to read more! This book might be a 5 star; I just am not sure that I'm convinced yet. I'd need to go back and reread passages much more carefully. However, for now, it's at least a 4 for me!