Makes presence and meditation accessible

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This was a really helpful, approachable book on presence, mindfulness, and meditation. Part of me paused at some white guy who went out East to learn mindfulness, but I think he brings a perspective that most Americans will find more approachable, since he's of the culture. I've read several things on meditation, but I think I was able to grasp fully from reading this how meditation isn't about forcing your mind to go blank, but instead drawing awareness to thoughts and paying attention to them - that was such a game-changer for me as I began to understand the connection between everyday presence and the practice of meditation. I would recommend this book both to those who have some experience with presence/meditation concepts, and for those who are brand new to the practice! The author makes a great case for why presence matters - even in the year of 2020, a time when it's much easier to numb things out and be detached from what's happening.