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Introspective and Illuminating

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Cory Muscara's "Stop Missing Your Life" promises to teach readers how to be, "deeply present in an un-present world". Muscara sets out to do this in a short 209 page book with a well-designed cover. Muscara's writing reads as conversational and he's not afraid to point out the obvious in these discussions, the fact that some people will view his suggestions as, "weird hippie stuff" (pg. 61). He injects humor into the writing while having the reader acknowledge both the good and the bad in their own lives and offers practical solutions and guided meditations to back up his system of increasing one's presence. Muscara addresses the over-hyping of this concept on social media and takes a close look at the real barriers to living at your full potential.

Muscara's book flows from chapter to chapter, building on each concept after it has been introduced. Each new chapter and section take a few sentences to clearly connect new information with all the chapters preceding it. Open-minded readers will be able to take a lot from the various teachings, and the chapter on, "Time, Technology, and Day-to-Day Presence" includes activities that most people could benefit from. Overall, it's a solid addition to the self-help genre that will appeal to those who find their lives overwhelmed by stress and who are willing to embrace the power of mindful meditation as an important tool in their arsenal. It tackles complex metaphysical questions without losing the average reader and I think even some skeptics might find themselves swayed.