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This book was absolutely amazing!
I truly felt like I was sitting and having a conversation with Cory Muscara while I was reading. This book really made me feel like not only does Cory understand the difficulties of life but he truly wants to help other people find peace. Just through reading his words you can feel that he wants to help people find peace and happiness. He doesn't given far fetched ideas or life hacks that are hard to implement into your life .He gives easy and simple methods to help you process trauma and difficult life events but his methods only work if you are willing to give them a try. The things he says aren't new or earthshattering but they are real. They give the reader a safe space to process their emotions and past in a way to move forward and towards a life where they feel more centered. This isn't an easy book to read, it's the kind of book you will need to take breaks from and really absorb what he is telling you. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or a stranger!
This book truly is a work of art, love and care.
But most importantly it's a book about being simply human.