I loved this book!

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I'm wrapping up my last goal for October with finishing my second personal development book. I honestly loved this book and I really felt like it spoke to me in regards to working on being present. If we ever go back into the office, This book will be a permanent feature on my desk 💙

What spoke to me the most in the book were a few things including allowing yourself to be present and to experience even thr hard things in life because this is what connects us to feeling human-- this hit me hard since I feel im one to shy away from hard moments... trying to.protect my heart from being broken... but by experiencing these hard moments... you realize how resilient you really are and I feel that makes you stronger. Also I loved the meditation tips and breakdowns-- I've been trying to incorporate this into my life more. I've been having a hard time lately focusing which I feel has affected my memory.. but the tips Cory has given in regards to being present has helped thus far. Im really happy I was given an opportunity to.read this book!