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Anecdote of an Introduction

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I feel like this particular preview was not what I really needed to provide a completely fair first-look evaluation.

The 16-page introductory chapters use anecdotes to tell the reader what information the book will hold and why the writer wrote it, but it does not provide any of the actual "meat" of the book so that the first-look crew can determine if it contains any new, thought-provoking, or meaningful principles.

I am giving the book two stars thus far because while the writing style is fine, I was not a fan of the cover art and just can't yet quite determine if the book has any extra value with the thoughts, information, etc. the content could add to my life.

I also tend to be a "get to the point" reader so while I am not a huge self-help book fan, I do prefer the points to be listed first and for the anecdotes/supporting information to follow. With this book, I would need to read a sample of the actual "meat" to say for sure it doesn't fit my criteria. However, the sample did not personally grab me so for now, I will pass.