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It was sad to read about Julie and how she believes that her husband Dan is cheating on her and has done so multiple times over the years. I am glad that she was able to stop it from eating her up and also to get a new life for herself, without him, hard though it was after so many years together and to rely on God to help support her through those difficult times especially being afflicted with separation anxiety and being diabetic.

I enjoyed reading about the work it took to get the Inn on Rhode Island up and running, from buying the place to the construction and then when it got up and running (and was so successful). Plus how Julie used her dream of owning an inn to raise up others and give them better opportunities as well. It is inspiring! This quote from the book sums up the inn quite well: "Remember, this will be our home, and our workplace, as well as our place of enjoyment. The inn will belong to all of us." I know this was inspired by A True Love Story so not all of it is real but I would love to go visit Rhode Island now. It sounds lovely.

This was an enjoyable book to read once Julie decided to leave and start her own life and like who she is again and grow strong enough to stand on her own.