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This story was captivating from beginning to end ! A woman holding On so deep to a love of a lifetime even after he does the ultimate betrayal over and over , again and again to her and she just can’t walk away easily but she finds it in her heart to sell everything she owns and runaway and start over as she opens an inn by herself with several people that she hires turning into her family and finding peace in her life until one day that man she married returns to her in Rhode Island begging for her forgiveness and showing her how he’s changed !Highschool sweethearts for life , love turned stale , a love she can’t let go even when she thinks she found love again but won’t dare commit to the man her husband sent to find her not knowing he sent her until later on than she lets him go to find her way back to the man who stole her heart many moons ago ! Emotional, captivating , page turner ,