Can love conquer all?

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This book states that it's inspired by a true story, so I can only assume it's the author's story. And while I had conflicting feelings while reading this book, what gives me the right to judge how someone would react in this situation?

Julie Holliday believes with all heart that her husband has cheated with eight different women over their 30-year marriage, yet she still loves him. Loves him enough to give him the freedom to be with whoever he chooses. But in the end, will love win? Is it possible to forgive?

What I really liked about this book was the relationship that developed between Julie and Kourtnee and Teresa. I also liked the camaraderie between Julie and Frank.

I like to support authors who self-publish, however, I feel like this book could have benefited from a more thorough editing process (I found multiple mistakes and the amount of times vomiting was mentioned was excessive).