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This book had me so upset while reading it. Not because I didn’t like the story or the main character. But because of what the main character, Ellie, had to go through. And how cruel people were to her. And it also upset me thinking about how there are people in the real world who have to deal with bullying just like Ellie.
Bullying is a major problem today, especially with social media around.
This book is something a lot of people need to read. Especially younger readers. It really gives you an inside look into how someone is feeling and how much they carry the words you call them. It gives you an insure look as to how much someone who’s bullied carries so much weight around because of the bullying. And how to overcome it all. And that you can overcome it.
I love how Starfish is told in verse. It still gives you everything you need. This was a great read and one I’ll recommend.