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This novel-in-verse is absolutely stunning. Incredible. Heartbreaking. The verse flows so well - I invite everyone to read it aloud, at least for the first few poems. The words flow so well and are so evocative.

Ellie is fat. And she’s told every single day that she shouldn’t be. That she should be different. That being herself is not okay. She’s getting these messages from school. From her bullies. From her family. From her biggest bully of all: her mom.

With the help of her father, her new best friend, and an understanding therapist, Ellie begins to starfish. She takes up her space. And she begins to learn that she is enough, just the way she is. She is beautiful, just the way she is. She deserves love and does not deserve to be tortured, just the way she is. It’s a stunning story, full of heart and love and I could not recommend it highly enough.