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Important perspective!

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There are many different things that I loved about this book! Firstly, I really loved the poetic layout of each "chapter." While this is technically a children's book, I am a child-less adult and read this as if it were a novel written for my age bracket. I loved that the author chose to layout the book in poetry, which also happened to be the art of choice for the main character.

I loved the storyline, even though this is not a story that I can personally connect with. The story offered me a new perspective and challenged me to speak on behalf of those who may not be mentally/physically/otherwise unable to speak up for themselves. It challenged me to really focus on the words and actions that I choose to use and ensure that they are truly helpful and not ones that could potentially hurt another person. It also challenged me to look at the words I choose to use towards myself, and really consider being empathetic and loving towards myself, along with everyone around me.

I think this is a great book that anyone should read. It shouldn't just be geared towards middle age children. I think adults and children alike could learn important lessons from this book!