Fat shaming

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I think this should be more talked about cause I love how care free she feels in the pool I think it is so cool I love The Who plot of the story.let’s not talk about the cover cause words could not describe how pretty and stunning it is .my favorite color is blue so it is pretty to me .I don’t think I see may book that have a plus size main character and if there is they use degrade her and I hate this. So I think this is such cute and fun story.I will be buying this lovely book .I also really like the authors writing style and I will be needing to read more of her books.Heheheheh I can,t wait to get this book and finally get to read it and again is I need to.I know this is not usually something I go for but I would love to try this.and I will as a matter of fact ahhhh can’t wait .I totally forgot I was supposed to talk more about the freaking book .Oopsie sorry .I love it thought so sue me byeeeeeeeeeee.