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What I really like about this book was that it was a concept I haven't read before! Along with your brilliant use of changing timeline and seeing the Jessicas that they led too. I usually have a hard time reading for long periods of time but this one had me in my seat. What's better is that I couldn't just guess what would happen next like I usually am. I also appreciate the world building the author takes upon themself to explore and that we were able to find out about this new planet. I also appreciate the deep dive into the human psyche we get to investigate through the authors mind and their take on humanities will. The pacing is good in the story and really provided good thinking material and a good conversation starter with my dad who likes these kind of topics. The author also keeps a good hand on their technology and making sure the reader can also follow instead of just info bombing the reader. All in all this was a book that will probably haunt my thoughts before I go to bed and keep me up thinking... wondering....