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Very touching but needs a new beginning

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I really wanted to give this book more then 3 stars but it need a new beginning. I understand that the chapters were dates and that is why it was jumping, but I felt like more of the story of missing, almost as if sections were forgotten.

I almost put the book down after the first third but then tragedy struck and I was curious to see where it would lead. I am glad I stuck around. The healing and the journey that Sparrow goes through is touching, as well as the journey Lucas undertakes.

I truly wish the author would have talked more about Sparrow's history toward the beginning, about her mother, and the hardships she had as a child. I think by leaving this until the end it really left the first half of the book dry and confusing.

If this book had a new beginning then by all means it would get more stars. If anything, pick up the book and read halfway through until the end. That is where the true story takes place and the journey you will want to follow until the end.