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I could barely finish this one and after so much build up and anticipation. I wanted Sparrow to be a story of forbidden love, drama, family mystery, intrigue, and ballet. I wanted Savannah to find herself through her one true I wanted the music to speak to her soul. Her boyfriend to be so enamoring and charismatic that his abusive habits come out of left field leaving Savannah so at a lost that she, the strong and talented Sparrow, could be gaslit by another man. This story was all talk no execution. I wanted to like it. I really did, but it was both boring and intriguing all at once. Boring because was boring. Intriguing because I kept waiting for interesting things to happen...but they never did. Taking us right back to boring. Sorry. I think one thing that would have benefited this story is if we saw the growth of some characters and the gradual and plausible descent of others. We needed realistic narrative progression from past to present. No skipping ahead and no concealing backstories.