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Savannah Darcy Rose is a gifted ballerina. She is known as "Sparrow" to her friends and family. Sparrow has a lot of secrets that she keeps from her loved ones. She was taught at a young age to keep secrets for her late mother. However, after a brutal attack from her perfect boyfriend, Sparrow must find the courage to confront her past.

As a person who has been in an abusive relationship, I thought I would have enjoyed this novel. I find that I hated it and I couldn't relate to the main character at all. I liked that each of the characters had nicknames until it became overwhelming. I felt like some of the dialogue between the characters didn't feel authentic or real.

The novel skips from Sparrow and Tristan's first date to Sparrow being terrified of him. I feel like this doesn't give us a chance to see the "good guy" that Tristan is. Was their relationship strong in the beginning or was Tristan always violent? The reason I am asking is that I have a hard time understanding "why" Sparrow insists Tristan is a good guy when all we see is his abusive behavior towards her. Sparrow mentions that he treats her good by "apologizing and buying her things". However, I don't feel that Sparrow and her family needs money as her father is a criminal defense attorney and uses a Montblanc pen. I am wondering if there is an emotional need that Tristan was filling for her.

I wish there was more details given about Sparrow and her mother's death. The author hovers around the incident without going into detail. Another issue I had with the book was that Sparrow observed that she wished her father knew she was in pain and would protect her. However, whenever her friends or family observed Sparrow and her relationship she would get defensive. This wasn't the book for me and I couldn't finish reading it around the 70% page mark.