Good... Could Have Been Better

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Trigger Warnings: abuse, assault, dating violence

Sparrow is about 17-year-old ballet prodigy Savannah Rose, aka Sparrow, and her journey after being violently assaulted by her boyfriend, Tristan. The story jumps between Sparrow's POV and her friend's Lucas as they both confront their ghosts and demons of the aftermath.

Through most of this story I felt like I was just missing chunks of it. Before we went into Lucas' POV we seemed to just jump around with Sparrow. She has her first date with Tristan and then all of a sudden she's afraid of him. Then, when she'd have fights with Lucas, we'd get half with Sparrow's POV and then a few chapters later we'd get the other half with Lucas' POV which most of the time changed the whole fight. Pieces were almost always missing - like the fact that I thought Sophie was Sparrow's stepmom or her dad's girlfriend, not her aunt for the first hundred pages.

Because of all this, I really had no connection to Sparrow. I did, however, feel more connected with Lucas and what happened with him. Some things that happened with him tugged on my heartstrings. I feel bad for not really caring about Sparrow's story, but the only reason I knew of her story was because I wanted to read more about Lucas'.

Overall the book was good, but I wish it was fleshed out a bit more. A lot of characters had such great potential in the beginning but seemed to fade out/be glossed over in the middle and end. There were many distractions and an empty hole around the plot that I wish were filled in.