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interesting but a little cliche

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The first twelve pages of this book were an extremely easy read, with most of it being character dialogue. I found the names of most of the characters that were introduced to be very unique and interesting. I really liked the part where Tristan kisses Sparrow's knees, and she says she is almost brought back in time to a place where her mother did the same thing when she was a child. That resinates a lot with real life and something i can truly relate too. A certain smell, touch, song, or place can bring back such strong memories that you are almost transported to that time. The author did a great job of putting that feeling into words and explaining what it feels like to be completely flustered by someone. Some things i wasn't a huge fan of was the character of Tristan. I thought it was a little cheesy how they interacted, if they haven't really spoken since the fifth grade why is he kissing her knees and holding her hand and touching her face? Maybe it's just me but that just seems super unrealistic and kind of a lazy way to start a romance between two characters. I am still interested to see where they both end up however. The summary of this book already give away the fact that Tristan may not be as charming as he seems.