Had high Hope's for this

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I had such high Hope's for this book.
The book started off with a good plot, Lan was hoping to marry her intended, Tam only to find out he hasn't been interested in years and his parents were paying their fathers apprentice to woo her in Tams place. But when Lan finds out she freaks out and says all these horrible things.
Heartbroken, bao leaves and gets himself cursed for no good reason and ends back at Lans door who agrees to help him.
That's when things go downhill. There was so much potential for the journey and building their characters and drama and fight scenes but it all seemed so rushed. There wasnt much build up romantically or in the plot. Then when they broke the curse it was very anticlimactic. The ending was so rushed I had to reread some thing to make sure I understood it all correctly and was disappointed about how easy it was for all of that to just end like that.